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Q. How do I view e-resources owned by the library when I'm off-campus?

When I was on-campus, I was able to view electronic resources owned by the library no problem. Now that I'm off campus, I keep getting blocked by messages saying I need to log in or have a subscription to view those same items. What gives?

Answered By: Amanda Woods
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2015     Views: 88

If you are on-campus, you have automatic access to the electronic resources (e.g. electronic journals, e-books, streaming resources, databases, clinical decision support tools) that OHSU Library subscribes to. However, when off-campus, users will need to be authenticated to our proxy server to prove that they are affiliated with OHSU and have access rights.

When you are off-campus and click on any resource link from within the Library's website, you will be asked to log in with your OHSU network ID (the first part of your OHSU email address before the @ symbol) and associated password if you're faculty, staff, and students.  Otherwise, log in with your library barcode and last name.  Once you have signed-in once, you should have access to all e-resources.

Still Having Problems Accessing E-Resources from Off-Campus?

Since your affiliation with OHSU, as well as the resource you are trying to access, can determine how this question is answered, please visit our off-campus FAQ and off-campus how-to webpages for information that can more specifically address your situation.


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