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Q. Why am I having trouble accessing an article in the Journal of Opioid Management?

I am trying to access an article from 2014 in the Journal of Opioid Management.

When I go to the library site, the link only lets me see the very most recent issue of the Journal of Opioid management. Am I missing something?

Answered By: Amanda Woods
Last Updated: Sep 09, 2015     Views: 28

The Journal of Opioid Management is a new title for the Library and it has a very unusual interface. After opening the current issue, you should see a link located in the bar above the page layout called Back Issues. From there, it is possible to select an issue and then select specific pages to download. There is a limit to the number of pages that can be downloaded at one time.

Note: The library will be contacting the publisher to discuss these interface issues.

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